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23 Jun 2015 
Quality good made by Americans who are paid a decent, living wage. Most especially goods made by GASP! UNION workers!

Fresh meat that is not prepackaged, due to the fact that their meat-cutters went union on them shopping sites for jewellery and they completely eliminated their fresh meat departments and went prepackaged so as to not have to acknowledge them and have an excuse to fire them.

They don't sell you the truth about their dealings with secret Chinese sweat shops employing slave labor and the fact that they refuse to disclose the location of their Chinese factories to agencies that monitor and check those factories to assure that they operate under decent and globally acceptable humane conditions.

They don't sell news of their own convictions. Stop by author nicholas lynn's online sites on SITE TOPIC GOES HERE Fashion Buzzer Jewellery or Cheap Fashion Jewelleryfor violating child labor laws here in the U.S., nor their policy of actually LOCKING employees in their stores till work is completed.

The don't sell the fact that their employees are expected to work overtime, without compensation, else they risk losing their jobs.

They don't sell their policy of unfair pay and promotion policies toward women employees, or their dismal benefit programs and pay scale.

They don't sell their subversive tactics to undermine any and all attempts at unionization or their 'secret gang meetings' aimed to attack employees who would try try to unionize.

They don't sell their policy of moving into small towns and lowering their prices until they have put every small business OUT of view more business, then raising their prices. This incredibly talented author offers revealing resources on Indian Ethnic Jewellery and even on Fashion Jewellery stores.In those cases, they become nearly the only place to work and they can pay $8 an hour salaries to those that have no other choice.

What Walmart DOES sell is the future basic pay scale for American workers, since they are the LARGEST employer in the U.S.

They have SOLD OUT America and the Cheap Fashion Jewellery India American worker. Every time we buy from them we compound the misery of our own American workers and those abroad.

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05 Jun 2015 
Imagine spending thousands of dollars on a piece of jewelry only to find out it's not what you paid for. It's happening to consumers across the country, and some experts in the view more details jewelry industry said it's time it stopped.

A relatively new category of rubies is being sold as the real deal. You probably aren't aware of them and, as "Good Morning America" found out, neither are some of the people selling them.

"GMA" went on an undercover shopping trip at major department stores with Antoinette Matlins, a professional gemologist and author of "Jewelry Gems: The Buying. everyone who is serious about SITE TOPIC GOES HERE, study as well as .


In a search for ruby jewelry, we were told time and again that what we were buying were real rubies.

"That's a real ruby, oh yes," said one employee at Macy's in Jersey City, N.J. But that wasn't really true.

"With gems, what you see with the eye alone does not begin to tell the full story," Matlins said.

No Difference to Naked Eye

Throughout history, the rarity of rubies has been celebrated. To get a grip on resourceful tutorials about fashion jewellery online as well as on fashion jewellery online, read these great websites.The centerpiece of the Imperial Crown of India is a ruby. In fact, the finest natural rubies sell for more than the finest colorless diamonds. But "GMA" learned that some companies are selling rubies that aren't entirely natural.

They're called composite rubies, a combination of ruby fused together with glass. To the naked eye, there's no difference, but examined under a microscope, gas bubbles that form as the glass cools can be seen in the composite rubies.

Experts say composite rubies are fragile, and that they're only worth a fraction of the value of natural rubies.

"There is a huge addition of glass in this particular product. And while it looks beautiful, extreme care needs to be exercised when you wear them," Matlins said.

"GMA" asked if the rubies we were buying needed special care.

"This doesn't need special care," a Macy's employee in New York City said.

But actually, the wrong care and cleaning can ruin composite rubies.

"These are view more details not nearly as durable as a real ruby would be," said Craig Lynch, accredited senior gemologist at Ouellet and Lynch.

In an experiment, Lynch demonstrated what happens to a composite ruby when it's exposed to the chemicals that any jeweler would use to repair or reset a piece of jewelry. Two minutes in, the chemicals start to eat away at the glass.


"If it was a regular ruby, nothing would happen. You could leave it in here for days, nothing would happen," Lynch added.

An hour and a half later, even more damage.

"You can see the degrading of the glass," Lynch said.

It's not just jewelers' chemicals. Lemon juice or common household cleaners can also damage composite rubies.

"They looked like beautiful red rubies," said Ron Nelson, who said he had never heard of glass composite rubies when he bought some from a TV auction channel.

"I thought I was buying a high quality jewel that would last forever," he said.

Three of Four Rings Bought Were Composites

So what about the rubies "GMA" bought?

We took them to the American Gemological Laboratories in New York. After microscopic and advanced analytical testing, Christopher Smith, president of the lab, said three of the four ruby rings "GMA" bought were composites.

"We identified the presence of lead within the glass, which is conclusive proof of this material," Smith said.

The three rings in question were from three different Macy's stores.

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